Homes for Sale in Pheasant Run Barnegat NJ

INTRODUCTION This booklet is provided as a convenient guide to most of the rules and regulations of Pheasant Run at Barnegat. It is not intended to usurp the authority granted by the Articles of Incorporation, the Declaration of Restrictive & Protective Covenants or the Bylaws of Pheasant Run at Barnegat. Any conflict of interpretation between this booklet and the aforementioned documents shall be governed by the aforementioned documents. Further information and clarification of these rules and regulations may be obtained by consulting these documents or by contacting the Covenants Committee. This quick reference guide of rules and regulations was adopted by Board Resolution on January 2, 1992 by the authority granted to the Board of Trustees by Article V, Section F of the Bylaws of Pheasant Run at Barnegat. Common property is all property within the boundaries of Pheasant Run at Barnegat except the individually-owned lots but including the streets within the community.


1. The speed limit in Pheasant Run is 25 MPH. All STOP signs must be observed. 1.2 The following vehicle types may not be parked, driven or stored on the common property or on any individually owned lot. 1.2.1 Abandoned, disabled or stored vehicles 1.2.2 Motorcycles 1.2.3 Boats and boat trailers 1.2.4 Trailers of any kind 1.2.5 Recreational vehicles or campers 1.2.6 Trucks, commercial vehicles, vehicles with commercial writing on their exteriors (except those vehicles which are servicing the property during normal business hours). 1.2.7 Any other type of vehicle which cannot fit into a residential garage. 1.3 Parking of any vehicle on any portion of the common property is prohibited between the hours of 2:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. or during any other time which would interfere with snow removal. 1.4 Vehicles may not be parked so as to overhang or obstruct sidewalks. 1.5 Motor vehicles of any type may not be driven on any portion of the open space of the common property that is not intended for vehicular traffic.


2.1 Properties may not be used for any purpose other than a private residential dwelling.
2.2 Exterior antennas of any type are not permitted on any portion of the lot or dwelling, except as may be authorized by the Association. 
2.3 No exterior modifications, including color changes, may be made without the written permission of the Architectural Review Committee (ARC). Forms are available in the office for this purpose. Note that some building modifications may also require a building permit from the Township of Barnegat. A building permit will not be issued without an approved ARC application.
2.4 Air conditioners may not be installed through walls or windows. Only central type units are permitted and require ARC approval.
2.5 Private wells and sewerage disposal. systems are prohibited.
2.6 Temporary structures of any type are not permitted on any lot.
2.7 Perimeter fences of any type of material are prohibited.
2.8 Non-perimeter decorative fences of any kind are prohibited.
2.9 The transfer, sale, gift, lease, assignment or grant of any lot must be reported to the Board of Trustees in writing. Forms are available in the Clubhouse office. The Association must be notified 15 days prior to change of occupancy of a unit due to sale, rental or any other occupancy change. In the case of the sale of a unit, a copy of the closing statement must be provided within 30 days of closing.
2.10 A lot or dwelling may not be used for hotel or transient purposes. The minimum rental period for any lot or dwelling is one year. Tenants must meet the age restriction requirements.
2.11 No type of above-ground or in-ground swimming pool is permitted on any lot.
2.12 Signs of any kind are not permitted except one (1) "For Rent" or "For Sale" sign no larger than 2 ft. by 2 ft. placed in the window on the interior of the dwelling.
2.13 Outside storage is prohibited except for lawn patio furniture and grills.
2.14 Garbage may be stored in containers outside the dwelling only in approved enclosures.
2.15 Garbage may not be placed curbside before 6:00 p.m. of the day preceding pickup. Avoid plastic trash bags as these are often torn open by animals and birds.
2.16 Any activity which may be an annoyance or nuisance to adjacent lot owners is prohibited.
2.17 Clothes lines are permitted in rear yards only and must be removed when not in use. Their use is restricted to the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on weekdays only.
2.18 The Association will provide snow removal, lawn cutting, and fertilization. All other maintenance on the lot is the homeowner's responsibility.
2.19 Artificial vegetation of any type is prohibited on the exterior portion of any lot.
2.20 Shrub and flower plantings are permitted only within a 3 ft. area around the unit.
2.21 Gardening is permitted within the 3 ft. area around the unit only on a side of the unit which is not visible from any street. 2.22 Items of decor may be displayed on the exterior facings of the unit and are limited to a reasonable number. Only items which are customarily intended for this purpose are permitted.
2.23 Bug zappers are prohibited.
2.24 Flag poles which are secured to the unit are permitted, but are limited to display of the American flag only and must adhere to the principles of flag etiquette.
2.25 Window coverings which are visible from the exterior of a unit may only be white, off-white or pastel in color.

3.1 Pets are limited to one dog or one cat per dwelling, visitors included.
3.2 Pets may not be allowed to run free and must be leashed at all times when outside.
3.3 Pet droppings must be picked up and disposed of properly. Disposal in street catch basins is prohibited.
3.4 Pets may be walked only in the streets.
3.5 Dog sheds or any other type of structure used to house pets are prohibited on the lot.
3.6 Pets may not be tied outside the dwelling and left unattended.

4.1 Baseball or other games may not be played on any street or court.
4.2 Skateboards are prohibited.
4.3 Guests must always be accompanied by a resident while in the recreation area.
4.4 Residents will be held responsible for all actions of their guests.
4.5 Guests are further governed by the Clubhouse, tennis court, and pool rules when using these facilities.

5.1 No planting, gardening, fences or other use of the common property is permitted for the exclusive and personal use of any individual lot owner except for the following exceptions, with a maximum intrusion of 10 ft. 5.1.1 Random plantings of trees and shrubs with the approval of the Architectural Review Committee. 5.1.2 Planting of wildflowers. 5.1.3 Bird houses - bird baths.
5.2 No live trees or shrubs may be cut or removed from the common property.
5.3 Removal of dead trees, brush and other debris will be permitted with the approval of the ARC.

6.1 Occupancy of dwellings is limited to persons over the age of 55.
6.2 A husband or wife of any age may occupy a dwelling provided the resident spouse is over the age of 55.
6.3 Dwellings may not be occupied by any child under the age of 19.
6.4 A child over the age of 19 is permitted to occupy a dwelling only with an age qualified parent, as described in 6.1 and 6.2 above.


The pool area must be immediately vacated when, in the judgment of the life guard, a pool committee member or board member deems it necessary, due to the threat of inclement weather or other imminent dangerous condition.  Diving, cannon balling, remote controlled toys, jumping into the pool are prohibited. d. Ball playing Frisbee playing, running or other horse play is not permitted in the pool area. e. Rafts or other inflatables are not permitted in the pool. Arm flotation devices or small tubes will be permitted for use by children, only when the child is accompanied by an adult who remains with the child. f. All injuries or matters of other importance 1vIUST be reported to the life guard immediately. g. Admittance will be refused to any persons with evidence of the following conditions: • Skin disease or abrasions • Sore, inflamed eyes • Nasal or ear discharge • Persons wearing bandages • Persons who appear to be intoxicated. h. The lifeguards, in addition to their primary duties, are responsible for enforcing all pool rules. i. The lifeguard, the HOA, or the pool committee are not responsible for personal property. . All swimmers must wear appropriate swim wear. The life guard will determine what proper attire Is. k. Persons with bathing suits or bare feet are not permitted in the clubhouse. They may enter the bathrooms from the pool area only. I. Lounges, chairs and tables are available on a first come basis. NO chairs may be reserved. m. Towels, garments, etc. should not be draped on the fence. n. Pets are NOT permitted in the pool or recreation area, nor may they be chained to the pool fence. o. Radios are permitted with EARPHONES only. p. Smoking will only he allowed in designated areas. **************************************************************