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Waretown NJ Resale & Rental Requirements

A Certificate of Occupancy is required in the Township of Ocean every time a single-family dwelling, unit of a multi-family dwelling or any other building is sold or rented.

The following checklist is a guideline for items that must be completed at the time of an inspection to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy in Ocean Township.

This checklist is based on the regulations contained in the 2000 International Property Maintenance Code and Ocean Township Ordinance No.15.32 and 15.04.160.

Although the list has tried to cover all violations possible, if a situation is evident at the time of the inspection that may affect the public's health, safety or welfare, that situation will be listed on the correction list.

The inspection is a general inspection and the Township of Ocean does not guarantee that the premises inspected are free from latent defects; nor is the Township of Ocean liable for damages or injury caused to any person, as the result of any violation not reported herein.

If the buyer is assuming the responsibility to obtain the certificate, this office must be notified, in writing, prior to the issuance of the Certificate of Occupancy.


1. An application must be completely filled-out and submitted to the Construction Office in the Township of Ocean.
2. A $35.00 fee must accompany the application for the inspection.
3. All applications must be paid by check, cash or money order payable to the Township of Ocean.
4. All applications and fees must be submitted to the Construction Office. NO FEES OR APPLICATIONS WEL BE ACCEPTED BY THE INSPECTORS IN THE FIELD.
5. No inspection or re-inspection will be scheduled without a completed application or without the fee paid in full.
6. If a 3rd inspection is necessary, there is an additional charge of $25.00.
7. The owner or realtor must contact the Construction Office to set-up an inspection or re-inspection. This will not be done until application and fees are received.

Because of scheduling and processing time, please apply for inspections a minimum of two weeks prior to settlement. It is suggested that you apply for a Certificate of Occupancy when the house is listed. This will help avoid scheduling problems and the correction list will allow you to realize the true value of the property once repairs are completed.


NJAC 5:70-2.3 A smoke detector is required on each level of the premises. On levels where bedrooms exist, detectors must be located within 10ft of the sleeping area. When more than one sleeping area is on one level, then a detector is required outside of each sleeping area. Smoke detectors may be battery operated. This certificate complies with NJAC 5:70-2.3 for Smoke Alarm compliance, Carbon Monoxide compliance and Fire Extinguisher compliance.

PM 304.1 The interior of a structure and equipment therein shall be maintained in good repair, structurally sound and in a sanitary condition. PM 304.2 All structural members shall be maintained structurally sound, and be capable of supporting the imposed loads.
PM 304.3 All interior surfaces, including windows and doors, shall be maintained in a good, clean and sanitary condition.
PM 304.4 Every stair, ramp, landing, balcony, porch, deck or other walking surface shall be maintained in sound condition and good repair.
PM 304.5 Every handrail and guard shall be firmly fastened and capable of supporting normally imposed loads and shall be maintained in good condition. A graspable handrail will be required for a flight of stairs with 4 or more risers.
PM 304.6 Every interior door shall fit reasonably well within its frame and shall be capable of being opened and closed properly and securely attached to jams, headers or tracks as intended by the manufacturer of the attachment hardware.
PM 306.1 All structures shall be kept free from insect and rodent infestation.
PM 403.1 Every habitable space shall have at least one operable window.
PM 403.2 Every bathroom and toilet room shall comply with the ventilation requirements for habitable spaces required in section 403.1, except that a window shall not be required in such spaces equipped with a mechanical ventilation system vented to the outdoors.
PM 403.5 Clothes dryer exhausts systems shall be independent of all other systems and shall be exhausted in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.
PM 502.1 Every dwelling unit shall contain its own bathtub or shower, lavatory, water closet and kitchen sink which shall be maintained in a sanitary, safe working condition.
PM 504.1 All plumbing fixtures shall be properly installed and maintained in working order, and shall be kept free from obstructions, leaks or defects and be capable of performing the function for which such plumbing fixtures are designed. All plumbing fixtures shall be maintained in a safe, sanitary and functional condition.
PM 505.1 Every sink, lavatory, bathtub or shower, drinking fountain, water closet or other plumbing fixture shall be properly connected to either a public water system or to an approved private water system.
PM 505.4 Water heating facilities shall be properly installed, maintained and capable of providing an adequate amount of water to be drawn at every required sink, lavatory, bathtub, shower and laundry facility at a temperature of not less than 120 F.
PM 506.1 All plumbing fixtures shall be properly connected to either a public sewer system or to an approved private sewer disposal system. PM 506.2 Every plumbing stack, vent, waste and sewer line shall function properly and be kept free from obstructions, leaks and defects.
PM 602.2 Dwellings shall be provided with heating facilities capable of maintaining a room temperature of 65 F in all habitable rooms, bathrooms and toilet rooms.
PM 603.1 All mechanical appliances, fireplaces, solid fuel-burning appliances, cooking appliances and water heating appliances shall be properly installed and maintained in a safe working condition, and shall be capable of performing the intended function.
PM 603.2 All fuel-burning equipment and appliances shall be connected to an approved chimney or vent. Unless otherwise labeled.
PM 603.3 All required clearances to combustible materials shall be maintained.
PM 603.5 A supply of air for complete combustion of the fuel and for ventilation of the space containing the fuel-burning equipment shall be provided. PM 604.1 Every occupied building shall be provided with an electrical system.
PM 604.3 Where it is found that the electrical system in a structure constitutes a hazard to the occupants or the structure by reason of inadequate service, improper fusing, insufficient receptacle and lighting outlets, improper wiring or installation, deterioration or damage, or for similar reasons, the defects must be corrected to eliminate the hazard.
PM 605.1 All electrical equipment, wiring and appliances shall be properly installed and maintained in a safe and approved manner.
PM 605.2 Every habitable space in a dwelling shall contain at least two separate and remote receptacle outlets. Every laundry room shall contain at least one ground-type receptacle. Every bathroom shall have at least one receptacle.
PM 607.1 Duct systems shall be maintained free of obstructions and shall be capable of performing the required function.
PM 702.3 All means of egress doors shall be readily operable from the side from which egress is to be made without the need for keys, special knowledge or effort.
PM 703.1 The required fre-resistance rating of fire-resistance-rated walls, fire stops, shaft enclosures, partitions and floors shall be maintained.
PM 704.3 In Group R occupancies, single-station smoke alarms shall be battery operated or shall receive their primary power from the building wiring provided that such wiring is served from a commercial source.

Fire Extinguisher Requirements

1. At least one portable fire extinguisher shall be installed in all one and two family dwellings upon change of occupancy.
2. The extinguisher shall be listed, labeled, charged and operable.
3. The size shall be no smaller than 2A:10BC, rated for residential use and weigh no more than 101bs.
4. The hangers or brackets supplied by the manufacturer must be used.
5. The extinguisher must be located within 10ft of the kitchen. 6. The top of the extinguisher must not be more than 5ft above the floor.
7. The extinguisher must be visible and in a readily accessible location, free from being blocked by furniture, storage or other items.
8. The extinguisher must be near a room exit or travel path that provides an escape route to the exterior.
9. The extinguisher must be accompanied by the owner's manual or written information regarding the operation, inspection and maintenance of the extinguisher.
10. Lastly, the extinguisher must be installed with the operating instructions clearly visible.


>PM 302.1 All exterior property and premises shall be maintained in a clean, safe and sanitary condition.
PM 302.2 All premises shall be graded and maintained to prevent the erosion of soil.
PM 303.12 Every handrail and guard shall be firmly fastened and capable of supporting normally imposed loads and shall be maintained in good condition.
PM 303.13 Every window, skylight, door and frame shall be kept in sound condition, good repair and weather tight.
PM 303.13.2 Every window, other than a fixed window, shall be easily operable.
PM 303.14 Every window, door and other outside opening required for ventilation shall be provided with approved tightly fitting screens.
PM 305.1 All exterior property and premises shall be free from any accumulation of rubbish or garbage.

Please Note

1. All repairs must be done in a workman like manner.
2. Ordinary repairs do not require building permits. If any permits are required, it will be noted on the correction list.
3. Any wood materials installed on the exterior, in direct contact with concrete, or the earth must be of pressure treated lumber.
4. The Township does not inspect air conditioning.
5. The Township does not address basements concerning wet or damp conditions.
6. There can be NO OPEN PERMITS for any applications regarding the property. Any and all open permits will have to be satisfied and closed before the issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy.
7. Someone over the age of 18 must be present at the house during the inspection, the Construction Office will not accept any keys or lock box combination to enter the home.
8. No unattended animals during the inspection.
9. A heater and hot water heater certification will be required; certification must be completed by a licensed plumber or HVAC contractor on company letterhead. A certification is not required if the home is all-electric.
10. A chimney certificate will be required for all gas and wood burning appliances; the certification can be completed by a licensed plumber if it's a gas appliance or a qualified chimney sweep if it's a wood burning.